MLC use TUBE AMP DOCTOR tubes special selected for our amplifiers.

TAD does all TAD Tube quality control processing in-house under strict control of technical staff.
Their techs which are also musicians and guitar players, developed and constructed custom tube
testing systems and aging rigs to run tubes in real amplifier circuits and operation conditions.


EL34 / TAD – MLC16


The Most Versatile EL34.

Sensational new high-gain EL34 tube with a very dynamic tone. An authentic remake of the British Mullard EL34. The clear and harmonic open top end allows for great clean tone and at the same time the TAD EL34B-STR offers incredibly powerful mids and equally powerful bass. The golden control grid and especially large cooling grids guarantee maximum stability and reliability.

Consequently, this EL34 provides a maximum of gain and dynamic response.

6L6 / TAD – MLC21

6L6GC-STR RCA-Style black-plate TAD PREMIUM Selected

The Classic 6L6 Sound – Excellent Tone and Maximum Lifetime!

TAD has the remakes of the all time favorite 6L6 classics by RCA and GE. The TAD 6L6GC-STR is your perfect choice if you are up for the sound of the rock legends. It provides the low end with the right amount of pressure, as known from the famous RCA tubes. It has clear, transparent but unobstrusive highs and exactly the right bite to provide you with all those classic 6L6 sounds from big warm cleans to modern hard rock sounds.

6V6 / TAD – MLC83


TAD 6V6GT-STR (aka. 7408 / 6V6GTY) PREMIUM tube. Finally in production after 3 years of intensive research.

This all new TAD 6V6GT-STR combines the exceptionally sweet characteristics of the NOS 6V6GT by RCA or of the GE 6V6GTY. It is a heavy duty 6V6GT tube, which can handle a higher plate current.

This TAD 6V6GT-STR caters for a detailed and powerful tone and an abundance of sustain; characteristics you would only expect from the finest NOS 6V6GTs from the 50s and 60s. Even when pushed into saturation there are no harsh upper mids, which is frequently the case with other 6V6s. Sweet full-bodied tone with silky highs.

6V6 / TAD – MLC84

6V6GT „Summer-Of-69 Special” TAD PREMIUM Matched

metal base 6V6GT-S (aka. 6P6P) „Summer-Of-69 Special”

TAD PREMIUM Matched NOS-Tube made in the year 1969


TAD – MLC001

12AX7A-C / ECC83 TAD Premium Selected (~ 7025, 12AX7WA, E83CC)

Perfect V2+ Preamp Tube – Good Gain – Tight Deep Bass – Fat Mid-range!!

Very good gain, tight deep bass, fat mids and silky top end with overall definition and brightness. Selected with balanced systems and recommended for guitar amps to improve overall response.

Best for clean tones as well as for sounds requiring deep-bass power like any modern preamp. Recommended for all positions in amps with medium gain level or High-Gain Amps for V2+ positions.

TAD – MLC010

7025 HIGHGRADE TAD Premium Selected

Warm, clean tone with creamy overdrive!

PREMIUM selected quality for the most demanding amp stages. This tube works greatly for warmclean tones and creamy overdrive. We recommend this tube for the 1st gain stage and as input tube. It upgrades 12AX7A and ECC83 tubes and replaces E83CC tubes.

The HIGHGRADE Selection is the tip-of-the-top quality at the lowest noise (microphony, hum, hiss) level. Tipically only 0,5-2% out of the whole production of this tube meet the HIGHGRADE requirements.

TAD – MLC080

7025 WA TAD HIGHGRADE Premium Selected

NEW! – Full Gain – Low Noise!

The TAD 7025 WA delivers full gain with smooth top end. No microphony issues even with the most sensitive preamps. The 7025 WA supports a fat midrange and creates a bold tone with lots of harmonics.

Played clean, the TAD 7025 WA delivers a warm liquid tone which is very responsive to dynamic playing. Overdriven, the 7025 WA provides lots of sustain with well defined mid-range punch.



Handmade in Poland, highest quality military grade components, custom handmade transformers, OMRON and BELTON preamp tube sockets, TUNG SOL tubes and ceramic power tube sockets with gold plated contacts.

Three channels of jaw dropping classic to modern rock tones. Impeccable build quality and durability for life on the road, or in your home studio. Incredible amp function and FX loop controls with optional MIDI integration. Stunning touch dynamics while still bringing the thunder....


HANDCrafted by Mark L

We focus on technical innovation, durability, ease of use, and functionality - all without a loss in tone or "feel" so you can push your muic to new heights.

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